Love Island 2017: Chris Hughes praised by mental health charity

Love Island: Chris upset when talking to Olivia.

Love Island's Chris Hughes has won praise from viewers including a mental health charity.

Following his emotional break up with Olivia on the show earlier this week, we saw a whole new side to Chris.


The confident guy who once declared "everyone fancies me" found himself having a good cry and opening up about his feelings.

Not only did Chris putting his heart on his sleeve win over viewers, it's also been praised by charity Signpost Counselling.

They tweeted: "They say men younger & older don't feel safe to show their emotions. Shout out to Chris #LoveIsland for being himself and baring all."

Chris previously opened up about overcoming anxiety and panic attacks in a post on Instagram before entering the villa.

In a message shared on World Mental Health Day, Chris wrote: "Hopefully this may help certain people who'll relate; It was about May 2013 when I finally overcame Anxiety and Panic Attacks, most sickening months of my life where you never know want you're guna do.

"And it wasn't until my mum knew and I spoke out about it I could sort things out. It hit me again summer just gone, but I knew from the breathing techniques, imagery, and everything else I was taught, getting over that wasn't an issue. Took time and money but it was the best I ever spent."


Meanwhile, last night's show saw Chris and Olivia reunite after he declared his love for her on the balcony of the villa.

Love Island 2017 continues nightly on ITV2.

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