Love Island 2017 winners may face brand new twist in the final

Caroline Flack (Love Island 2018)

Love Island 2017 winners could see a new twist this year, it's been reported.

In the previous two series, the most popular couple as voted for by the public are each asked in private if they want to steal or share the prize money.


If both share, the each get £25,000. If both steal, neither gets anything. If one steals and the other shares, the one who steals gets all £50,000.

So far everyone has chosen to share the cash but that could change this year.

In fact, it might not even be a couple who wins.

Love Islan 2017: Caroline Flack
Love Islan 2017: Caroline Flack

The Sun reports that instead, viewers will vote for their favourite boy and girl individually.

Last year's finalist Kady McDermott told the tabloid: "We’ve heard about a twist, individuals might win instead of couples, it’s a bit weird, that defeats the object of Love Island.

“The producers are at risk of ruining the format by changing the rules all the time. They need to keep it simple or it could go the same way as Big Brother, downhill.”

Speaking at the weekend, Love Island host Caroline Flack spilled that this year's final could indeed see a shake up to the usual format.

Chatting on Sunday Brunch, Caroline teased: "There is £50,000 that they share. If you saw it last year it gets to a point where you can, erm, actually it might change this year so…”

Caroline FLack (Love Island 2017)
Caroline Flack (Love Island 2017)

A spokesperson for Love Island would not confirm or deny a change to the previous format, saying only: “We would reveal any format twist to the viewers in due course.”


The Love Island 2017 final date has now been confirmed for Monday, July 24 live at 9PM.

For now, Love Island continues nightly on ITV2 at 9PM.

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