Big Brother 2017. Deborah Agboola is c**k blocking Sam Chaloner

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Deborah Agboola has revealed plans to c**k block Sam Chaloner on Big Brother 2017.

She's keen to him away from Ellie Young to stop their canoodling.


Chatting to Big Brother in the Diary Room in tonight's show, she says: "Ellie's mum would be proud of me Every day she's kissing , every day they must kiss, Ellie you must stop! So today I've just been c**k blocking him.

"I don't care if Sam is frustrated I will c**k block you, what are you doing under the covers that you don't want to do on top of the cover? It's okay, Ellie and Sam are single, but I'm going to c**k block you.

"No ****king in my room, Rose Cottage is prestige, we don't do that, that is naughty, I'm sorry it's not permitted in my room. I'm just saying and I just said."

Later on, Ellie and Sam are role-playing in bed in Thorn Cottage. They enact a scenario as if they have finished a date, and how they would say goodbye to each other.

Ellie then tells Sue and Simone in the living room that she’s going to train Sam how to date, as he doesn’t know what girls like.

Ellie and Sam also talk about how similar they are and Ellie tells Sam that she thinks he would have gone for another girl if he had come into the house from the beginning.

He tells her he likes her for her personality and would rather have a Fiat Punto than a Ferrari, referring to Ellie as the Punto.

In the evening, Ellie and Sam are in bed together in Rose Cottage and Deborah is lying close by and commenting to Big Brother about what they are doing and trying to c**k-block them.


Elsewhere this evening, Isabelle confesses to Sam, Ellie and Kieran in the garden that she can’t kiss with tongues and doesn’t think she is a good kisser.

Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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