Big Brother 2017 spoilers: Day 39 recap and highlights

What happened on Big Brother last night?

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Here's a full spoiler filled preview of tonight's Big Brother 2017 highlights.

In this evening's episode, it's Day 39 and Deborah talks to Big Brother in the diary room and admits she is “c**k-blocking” Sam and Ellie so they cant get intimate in Rose Cottage while she is sleeping in there.


Sue and Simone talk in the kitchen about Simone’s experience in The Hunt yesterday and Sue tells her Chanelle and Isabelle took control and Chanelle exercised her power as the alpha female to decide that Sue would face the public vote.

Hannah gives Deborah dancing lessons in Thorn Cottage.

Chanelle talks to Big Brother in the diary room about Sue and Simone being up for nomination and blames it on them not thinking before they speak. She says “chat sh**, get nominated.”

sabelle gives Hannah a scenario for her to act out in Thorn Cottage. Isabelle tells Hannah to enact a scene as if she had been given a dream job in New York and she has to tell her family.

Chanelle criticises Hannah’s acting and says it’s not natural, which upsets Hannah and stops her from wanting to continue. Chanelle leaves the room and says she was trying to have a joke with Hannah.

Isabelle confesses to Sam, Ellie and Kieran in the garden that she can’t kiss with tongues and doesn’t think she is a good kisser.


Sue tells Simone that Sam is dense and he admits he hasn’t got a bad heart. She says “even his own mother must know he’s thick” and says “he’s very very very slow”.

Ellie and Sam are role-playing in bed in Thorn Cottage. They enact a scenario as if they have finished a date, and how they would say goodbye to each other.

Ellie tells Sue and Simone in the living room that she’s going to train Sam how to date, as he doesn’t know what girls like.

Sue and Simone make up a song and dance in the living room.

Simone says to Isabelle, Andrew and Sue in the living room that she doesn’t let men chat her up as she doesn’t like to date. Isabelle and Andrew retreat to Rose Cottage where Charlotte, Ellie, Sam, Tom and Kieran are already hanging out on the bed and Isabelle talks about how strange she thinks Simone is.

Sue and Simone notice they have left and say they know they are talking about them.

Sue, Simone, Chanelle and Isabelle are sent to The Hunt woods. They are told that the public has been voting to evict and now one of them will disappear forever. The woods are put into darkness and when the lights return, one of the targeted housemates has been removed much to everybody’s surprise.

Deborah teach’s Tom the art of slut-dropping.

Ellie and Sam talk about how similar they are and Ellie tells Sam that she thinks he would have gone for another girl if he had come into the house from the beginning. He tells her he likes her for her personality and would rather have a Fiat Punto than a Ferrari, referring to Ellie as the Punto.


Ellie and Sam are in bed together in Rose Cottage and Deborah is lying close by and commenting to Big Brother about what they are doing and trying to c**k-block them.

Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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