Big Brother 2017: One housemate evicted in shock 'backdoor' exit

One housemate has been evicted in the first of today's Big Brother 2017 results.

We still don't know who left in last night's Big Brother eviction, but a new teaser video released shows how they made their exit.


Sue Evans, Isabelle Warburton, Chanelle McCleary and Simone Reed were up for eviction on Big Brother this week.

Last night, they were called to 'the woods' where Big Brother informed the group that the public had been voting and only three of them would be returning to the house.

The other housemates watched on shocked as they released what it meant.

Big Brother teased that one of the group was about to 'disappear' before the lights cut out and the feed to the main house was turned off.

Who left Big Brother last night won't be revealed until later today, assuming it can be kept a secret by producers.


Sue, Isabelle, Chanelle and Simone faced eviction following a week-long nominations twist called 'The Hunt' where housemates had to avoid losing series of games to keep themselves safe from eviction.

One by one, housemates were targeted for eviction and at the end of it all, Sue, Isabelle, Chanelle and Simone were the ones in the danger zone.

Meanwhile, this evening's live show will see a second eviction.

The next two housemates with the most votes to be evicted put up for another vote - this time from their fellow housemates.

The safe housemates will decide which of the pair also leaves the house, with the unlucky housemate leaving via the front door this time.


And in one final twist, host Emma Willis will enter the house to host the vote from the inside.


Both of the two evicted housemates will then chat to host Emma about their time in the house.

Big Brother airs live tonight on Channel 5 from 10PM.

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