Big Brother 2017: 6 ways this year's series went horribly wrong

Big Brother is over for another year but this series proved a real struggle to get through.

Ratings for the latest series were the worst ever with fewer than a million tuning in to the final on Friday night.


While we still do love Big Brother despite all its changes in recent years, this summer's run in particular was tough going and here's five big reasons why.

Too much outside contact
It seriously felt like every other day this year the housemates were being told something of the outside world, whether it was from Twitter messages, viewer surveys or from other people coming in to the house. Outside contact goes completely against the whole idea of Big Brother.

Raph and Josie.
Raph and Josie.

Whereas rival Love Island aired at 9PM every night, Big Brother was all over the place in the schedules. After launching at 8:30PM, the show moved to 10PM and then at times 10:30PM. One episode even aired at 8PM, while evictions also switched back and forth from Fridays to Thursdays.

Focus on showmances
Viewers couldn't have had made it clearer that they didn't want to watch the likes of Ellie and Sam's tiresome showmance yet it was continuously shoved down our throats until they were both evicted.

'Famous' cast
No one should be entering the 'civilian' Big Brother house already with a management team, verified Twitter profile and hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram. Save them for the Celebrity version, it's only four days after! The fact that the housemates who made it to the final hadn't already been on TV should speak volumes.

And if producers REALLY want Z-listers on the cast, at least cast the net wider than Ex On The Beach with no fewer than three of this year's original line up from the MTV series.


No live feed
Yes, we're going to mention it (again). With more and more of the nightly highlights turning into filler in the form of 'Previously...' recaps, over the top warnings and 'Coming up...' previews, live feed is now even more important. This year even the few precious minutes of live feed we expect after live shows were few and far between.

Lacklustre tasks
Anyone else notice how it seemed like most of this year's tasks involved housemates standing behind podiums hitting buzzers for an afternoon?


We remain longing for the days where tasks would be a bit more interesting and actually result in... something. When it came to shopping tasks in particular this year, it seemed to matter not if the housemates won or lost they were still well fed - and had plenty of booze.


But it wasn't ALL bad

Despite the above complaints, the series ended on a high if one of its best finals in a good few years despite the viewing figures. Isabelle winning is one part of this year's show we've nothing negative to say about!

What did you all make of this year's series? Share your opinions in the comments below!

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