Love Island 2017: Mike Thalassitis suggests something DID happen with Jessica Shears

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Mike Thalassitis has suggested he and Jessica Shears DID get together after they left the Love Island villa.

Ever since Mike and Jess were eliminated from the show earlier this year they've had to deny rumorus that they hooked up shortly after.


They were rumours that even made their way back to the villa, where Jess' former partner Dominic Lever was left raging.

Both Mike and Jess have said that nothing happened between them on the outside, not that many viewers seem to believe it.

Love Island 2017: Mike
Love Island 2017: Mike

And following his return to the villa tonight, Mike suggested they were right to doubt the denials.

The guys questioned Mike on the claims with Alex asking: "Was it true or not?"

"Nah nothing, nah...." Mike said before adding: "I'm not saying..."

He later told Marcel: "Listen, I’m telling you now yeah. She’d be with me. Trust me. She’s gotta do what she’s gotta do yeah. I said to her, 'you don't owe me nothing'. And to be fair. Dom was never my mate. I had two conversations with him. He weren’t my mate.


"The whole thing is, I don’t give a s*** about Dom. I said to him, he’s lucky I didn’t proper stick it on her. He should be thanking me for that.

"Had I stuck it on her. Who knows what would have happened."

Jess previously insisted nothing happened with Mike when Dom quizzed her on the stories in Love Island spin-off After Sun following his own eviction.

In the show, Dom said: "There's so much going on in me head.

"I just want to hear from you, what's the deal with the pictures of you coming out of a hotel with Mike? I knew something was up."

He added: "First it was anger, then it was just betrayal I suppose. How did you do that?

"Do you know what I don't get is how you were mates with him when you didn't like him in the villa."

Following their reunion, Jess and Dom revealed big plans, saying they would be buying a house together.

"We're going to buy in Manchester and rent in London," Dom said.

Love Island host Caroline Flack felt it was a bit too soon but Dom insisted: "We need bases."

Jess and Dom heart to heart
Jess and Dom heart to heart

Watching on, a number of viewers were not buying any of it.


"Also how uncomfortable and unnatural are Jess and Dom together? Clearly faking for air time and the dollar #loveisland," one concluded.

Love Island 2017 continues nightly on ITV2.

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