Big Brother 2017: Simone Reed rips into "pathetic and shallow" housemates

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Simone Reed has branded her fellow Big Brother 2017 housemates "pathetic" following days of rows.

Tonight's latest highlights again see Simone clash with the group, accusing them of picking on her and vowing she won't "crack".


But there is little sympathy for Simone, who is told she's brought the anger on herself with her lies.

In a chat with Big Brother in the Diary Room, Simone took aim at the group starting with "shady Sam".

She said: "He called me a muppet. He called me a muppet. I'm not a muppet. I'm far from a muppet. I think he's pretending to like me but he doesn't. I think he's following the crowd, the housemates, he's following them about, like Andrew, trying to get brownie points so no one nominates them out.

"It doesn't work like that, you're better off being yourself that way even if you go at least you can say 'I was being myself'"

Simone went on: "And he called called me a liar in the task and none of us trust you, I've only been in here twelve days, why would I want yous to trust me, what an excuse."

She then ranted about the other housemates in general: "They're so shallow, so low, it's pathetic. They just don't like me. Wouldn't it be better if they said 'We don't like you, don't speak to us' us but none of them say that, they make up excuses all of the time.

"Why don't they just say 'Simone, I can't stand you'"


Simone faces Friday night's double eviction alongside Sue, Chanelle and Isabelle.

Big Brother 2017 continues tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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