Big Brother 2017 spoilers: Day 38 recap and highlights

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Here's your spoiler filled preview of tonight's Big Brother 2017 highlights.

It's Day 38 and Sue and Simone are talking in Thorn Cottage, discussing The Hunt task. Sue tells Simone not to worry about her and talks about wanting to keep moving and avoid being a “stagnant pond”.


Andrew talks to Big Brother in the diary room and says “Simone is probably the most horrific person I have ever come to encounter with. She’s not stopped lying since she came into the house, and the things she lies about is horrendous, that girl is insane, she’s not a nice person”.

The housemates take part in the next part of The Hunt, they each have a save button that they can press, only once, in secret to save one housemate but they cannot save themselves. When all buttons have been pressed, anyone not saved will be targeted and at risk of facing the public vote.

Isabelle and Sam are not saved by any of their fellow housemates, but only one of them will be put up for the public vote. Sam and Isabelle must decide between themselves which of them will face eviction this week and Isabelle volunteers.

Housemates watch on from the Living Room and criticise Sam for not trying to fight Isabelle in her offer of being targeted. It becomes a talking point for the housemates who have respect for Isabelle’s “selfless” act.

Charlotte tells Ellie in the kitchen that she feels awful that she didn’t save Ellie in The Hunt task, after Ellie chose to save Charlotte.

Ellie talks to Big Brother in the diary room, and says she feels guilty for not choosing to save Sam and admits the housemates are second guessing themselves with The Hunt task.


Chanelle, Simone and Isabelle are called back into The Hunt task room and told now they are the hunters. Around the room are 10 wooden trunks representing the safe housemates, whilst hidden in the woods are keys that will open the trunks. They must find the keys and decide which trunk of the housemate they would like to target. Sue’s trunk is opened by Chanelle meaning she will join Isabelle, Chanelle and Simone in the public vote this week.

Simone tells housemates in the living room that “Nobody in this house is strong enough to crack me”.

Raph and Chanelle talk in Thorn Cottage about targeting housemates together to make them stronger, and discuss targeting Sam.

Simone talks to Big Brother in the diary room and admits to intentionally winding up the house as she knows they find her irritating.

Sue defends Simone’s personality in the garden with Charlotte, Kieran, Sam, Eliie, Sam and Deborah.

The housemates play Truth or Dare in the Living Room. Raph is dared by Chanelle to give her a lapdance, to big cheers from the rest of the housemates, and Kieran is dared to kiss Isabelle whilst Simone is dared to give Sue a sexy lapdance.

Hannah plays a prank on the housemates in Rose Cottage by knocking on the window while they’re in bed, causing them to all scream.


Andrew and Raph talk in the garden about Andrew struggling in the house. Andrew admits to Raph that he fancies him and they agree to remain friends..

Big Brother airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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