Big Brother 2017 housemates rage at Sam Chaloner after nominations twist

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Sam Chaloner has faced the wrath of the Big Brother 2017 housemates tonight.

It's after Isabelle Warburton was put up for eviction, joining Chanelle McCleary and Simone Reed in facing this week's public vote.


Isabelle became the latest housemate to be 'hunted' in the latest nominations twist.

In 'The Hunt', housemates must avoid losing games to keep themselves safe from eviction.

Isabelle lost the latest game alongside Sam, but there was a twist when Big Brother told the pair: "Sam and Isabelle, your job is now simple. You must decide between yourselves which one of you should face eviction this week. You have five minutes to make your decision."

As the others watched on, Isabelle immediately put herself forward: "You've not been in here longer than me so I'll go up. Easy. A million percent. You've only been here a week, I've done triple the amount of time."

Sam didn't disagree and his apparent inaction to even thank Isabelle didn't go unnoticed by the group.


They turned on him when the pair returned to the main house with Simone immediately raging: "It took you ten seconds! You didn't even say 'Oh no, I'll take it!'"

Sue added: "People are just saying you had 5 minutes to decide and you didn't even say 'Okay thank you', 'Are you sure?', it just looked really, really, shocking."

Sam defended himself: "She's not going to go anywhere."

Simone then snapped: "You've no respect towards women!"

Sam hit back: "'No respect towards women'? What the f**k are you on, you've no respect towards anyone."

Following the argument, housemates took part in the final game of 'The Hunt' which ended with Sue Evans joining Isabelle, Chanelle and Simone up for eviction.

Two of the four will leave in Friday night's double eviction show.


However in a twist, it'll be the housemates who decide one of the evictions. After the one housemate with the most votes is given the boot, the group will have to pick who goes between the next two most voted for housemates.

Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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