Big Brother 2017: Ellie and Sam finding it hard not to have sex in the house

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Ellie Young and Sam Chaloner are getting more sexually frustrated in the Big Brother 2017 house.

Having made up after their weekend row over Sam 'flirting' with Isabelle, Ellie last night spent the night in Sam’s bed.


He commented as they got cosy: “F**k off cameras, I wish they weren’t here.”

As the couple dive under the covers, Ellie replied: “This is hard, I can’t cope…”

The pair were then heard laughing together as they settle down for the night.

In tonight's show, the couple find things even harder - quite literally.

Sam says: "I find it rally hard. I'm not even joking. Just look!"


"So do I, we can just kiss," says Ellie. "We shouldn't be in the house together, it's hard in here."

Ellie's actions come despite her mum telling her to back away from Sam.

In last night's show, in the previous shopping task, Ellie faced a temptation of a visit from her mum which she gave in to.

Ellie's mum advised her daughter to “Stop kissing, stop smoking and stop swearing!”

Meanwhile, Ellie previously ruled out having sex in the Big Brother house.

Sam and Ellie.
Sam and Ellie.

She told Charlotte: "Everybody makes a big drama out of everything. I feel it's like, if you kiss somebody, like, Big Brother called me up [to the Diary Room] and is like 'Is everything alright?' F**k me!

"I could understand if I was on fours getting bent over but I am kissing somebody. I could put a million pound on that I would not do anything else in this house."


She added: "I would have to be in love with him. I'd have to be in Imran and Sukhi's situation for people tos see my moves... the one and only plank."

Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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