Big Brother 2017: Simone Reed and Andrew Cruickshanks clash over 'alternative facts'

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Andrew Cruickshanks has confronted Simone Reed in the Big Brother house for 'untrue facts'.

It follows the start of this week's nominations challenge. In a new twist, housemates will take on 'The Hunt' in the second house as they compete to avoid the axe.


Over the next few days the housemates will take part in a series of games and the losers of the games will face possible eviction.

After the first round of games - which have left Chanelle and Simone facing the axe - Andrew took Simone to task for some of her comments.

"I don't want to argue and for people to keep chatting s**t but I have not changed," Andrew said, referring to Simone's accusations that he was different inside the house compared to the outside.

"You did not know me in a personal way, we did not chat every single day," continued Andrew, who had joined the house with Simone, Sam and Sue as second chance housemates.

Andrew went on: "Don't attack my character in such a ridiculous way."


"Okay thank you," Simone replied.

Chanelle commented: "All Simone said is maybe you need the money more than she does."

"So I'm here for money?" Andrew reacted, "I'm here for the experience.

"Stop the f**king ridiculous bulls**t, it's unnecessary."

Simone then hit back, referring to the nominations game: "I didn't give you the box because I didn't think you deserved to leave the house."

Andrew replied: "But you've attacked my character for a week now."

Simone insisted: "But if I attacked your character I'd have given you the box because I'd want you to go."


Andrew told her: "But you are saying untrue facts about me"


He then stormed out of the room when talk turned back to money, shouting at a laughing Simone: "At least I actually have a career."

Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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