Big Brother 2017: Sue Evans is RAGING after Sam Chaloner's 'betrayal'

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Sam Chaloner is set to face the wrath of Sue Evans on Big Brother 2017 this evening.

It follows the start of this week's nominations challenge. In a new twist, housemates will take on 'The Hunt' in the second house as they compete to avoid the axe.


Over the next few days the housemates will take part in a series of games and the losers of the games will face possible eviction.

Following the first round of games - which have left Chanelle and Simone facing the axe - Sue thinks that Sam has been a hypocrite for apparently turning on his fellow second chance housemates.

"Remember what we said when we walked down the stairs, that the three of us would never turn against each other," Sue told Simone. "He's turned on me and you like f**king poison."

Simone agreed: "I told you, I was right."

Sue, who is competing for £15,000 of the prize fund against the other second chance housemates, asked: "What for? He's not going to win."


Simone added: "Is he s**t, he can stick the 15 grand up his a**e for all I care."

Sue then suggested: "They're going to target me big style in the next game," explaining that Sam would be protected because he's "Ellie's beau".

Simone plotted: "We should gang up them. if the public vote us back in, we'll just wind them up. We'll do more pranks."

Sue however was still angry at Sam: "I can't believe him, what a f**king hypocrite."


She concluded: "I don't like these people man."

Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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