Big Brother 2017 housemates kick off in argument over Sue's dog

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There's a big argument in the Big Brother 2017 house tonight all over Sue's dog.

A 'selfish' Sue angered the rest of the Big Brother housemates in last night's show following the end of the latest shopping task.


Housemates were faced with a number of temptations but not all could give into them.

Sue, who entered the house less than two weeks ago, accepted her temptation - time with her dog called Queen - at the cost of other housemates missing out on time with their family.

Sue told Big Brother she had no regrets about seeing her dog despite the reaction from the house: “My baby saw her mama!”

In tonight's show, Sue again talks to Big Brother in the diary room about seeing her dog Queen yesterday.

Later on there are rows over Sue's decision.


Sue talks to Charlotte in the living room about her choice to see her dog earlier in the week. She says: “Half the house was divided and thought I shouldn’t have took Queen” but argues that animals are just like human beings, and they are intelligent and have feelings too.

"I had a dog that was barking for me, a puppy. A dependant creature that was dependant on me," Sue claimed.

"But you left her to enter the house," quipped Charlotte.

"You had your mum in here with you," hit back Sue.

"She left after four days," Charlotte pointed out.

Soon other housemates got involved in the debate.

"Your dog can bark all it wants but it won't read a letter out," said Ellie.


Isabelle suggested: "It's probably stressed it out more seeing you and then not seeing you... dogs couldn't give a f**k, they will play with whoever tickles them."

"That's not true, I don't agree," Sue protested, "Is a human being more important than a canine then?"


"Yeah, one million percent," concluded Isabelle.

Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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