Love Island 2017: Jonny Mitchell reveals his regrets after leaving the show

Love Island 2017 contestant Jonny Mitchell has spoken out after leaving the villa.

It was Jonny Mitchell who left Love Island 2017 last night in a shock new twist.


In yesterday evening's episode, following a public vote, Camilla got a text: “The two islanders with the fewest votes - Tyla and Jonny - now have a big decision to make.

"One of them will be dumped from the Island tonight and they must decide between themselves who that is.”

Jonny put himself forward to leave to allow Tyla to stay on the island.

Love Island 2017: Jonny
Love Island 2017: Jonny

Speaking after his exit, here's what Jonny had to say...

How do you feel about your Love Island experience?
I feel very good about my Love Island experience, I’m so glad I did it. I had an amazing time, I met some amazing people and it’s definitely one of the highlights of my life so far.

Who did you click with the most in the villa?
I clicked with Marcel, he is ultimately the best. He is an absolutely amazing guy. I clicked with Mike very well, I clicked with Simon very well, Sam very well, they were my main people friend-wise in there. Out of the girls, Montana was great, I got on really well with her as a mate and Chloe when she was in there.


What is your standout memory from Love Island?
The overwhelming emotion when I got back from Casa Amor and how happy I was. It was a real shakeup splitting us all up, no one was expecting it and I think it put us all in such a weird place. I think getting back and seeing that all the couples that I wanted to stay had stayed, it was an amazing feeling.

Any regrets about your time on the show?
I regret not coming out of my shell earlier on. It took me a little while to be myself in there and I do regret letting things get a bit on top of me at the end.

When you left you said you’d be waiting for Tyla – how do you feel about things with Tyla and will you be waiting?
That is 100 per cent the case. It is Love Island, she might have someone thrown her way who she might fall head-over-heels for, in which case it’s the premise of the show, we all signed up for it and I will take it. But if that doesn’t happen, of course I will be waiting for her.

Love Island 2017: Jonny
Love Island 2017: Jonny

What Islander or Islanders can you see going all the way to win the show?
Marcel and Gabby - I think they are definitely the main contenders and I’d like to see them win. Marcel is my boy, I’ve never had a bad word to say about him and I would love to see them both win, that’d be great. I’d also like to see Cam and Jamie win!

Which couples are the real deal?
The real deal couples in my eyes are Marcel and Gabby, I think definitely Cam and Jamie and Montana and Alex.


If you had to bet on a couple being engaged by this time next year, who would it be?
Marcel and Gabby – because they have had such a seamless time with each other. When other couples have dramas, you question whether they are right for each other but if Gabby and Marcel ever argue, there’s not a question on anyone’s mind they will work it out. I think they are going to progress more than other couples when they leave.

Love Island 2017 continues nightly on ITV2.

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