Big Brother 2017: Sue Evans reunited with her dog in shopping task

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Sue Evans spent time with her pet dog in the Big Brother 2017 house yesterday.

For this week’s shopping task if the housemates can keep the large lightbulb in the living area powered up they will win a luxury shopping task.


However it won’t be easy; housemates will be tempted by contact from friends & family and if they give in to their temptations, then the large lightbulb will lose power.

Housemates will be able to boost the power to the light bulb if they can light up the dance floor in the garden, whenever music is played into the house

In a new clip from the task, Sue enters 'The Light' where she is tempted with some time with her pet dog Queenie.

"If you wish to spend time with your temptation you should alert Big Brother by pulling the cord above you," Big Brother explained.

It took Sue just seconds to pull the chord, allowing her time with her dog.


"You're so beautiful my daring Queenie," sobs Sue, "Mummy loves love," she added.

However outside, some of the housemates who had yet to enter The Light were worried as the power of the bulb went down.

Elsewhere as part of the shopping task, Chanelle is faced with her temptation; her nana is waiting to speak to her. Chanelle accepts her temptation and the brightness of the light bulb decrease loses powers.

A teary Chanelle asks her nana; “I miss everyone…how’s Jake? Has he dumped me? Does he still want to me with me?” Her nana replies; “He’s been lovely and loves you to death!” She tells Chanelle; “I don’t like that peeing in the hot tub!”


Meanwhile, Raph is tempted by a video from his sister, which he accepts and Tom is tempted by a phone call from his girlfriend which he also accepts.

Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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