Big Brother 2017: Charlotte Keys kicks off at Chanelle McCleary in shock new row

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In a clash we never saw coming, Chanelle McCleary and Charlotte Keys lock horns on Big Brother 2017 tonight.

Yup, Charlotte.


The argument followed this week's shopping task where the housemates' friends and family are entering the house.

In the case of Charlotte, her mum is of course a former housemate and she had plenty to share with Charlotte.

Mandy, who was the first to be evicted on this year's series, told her daughter all about the other housemates, including some of the remarks Chanelle had been making behind her back.

As she returned to the house, Charlotte wasted no time in confronting Chanelle.

"She said things you've been saying about me" Charlotte told Chanelle, bringing up one incident in the bedroom about Charlotte's "balls".


"Could you not have said that to my face?" asked Charlotte, "I don't get involved in the drama in here because it's so minimal the s**t that kicks off in here, I don't get involved."

Chanelle replied: "It was one comment that I thought you didn't like me, the way you never wanted to speak, blah, blah blah and the way you sat there with that resting b***hing face all the time.."

"That's just my face. Why haven't you come to speak to me about it?" asked Charlotte

"That's just how I felt. I just thought you didn't like me," Chanelle claimed.

"But surely you're that much of a vocal person that you'd be able to come and tell me that, if I'm that quiet, I'm not exactly intimidating obviously," Charlotte said.

She then concluded: "I haven't made one bad comment about you... I have got f**king huge balls, they don't need to be chopped."


Later in the evening, Chanelle and Charlotte meet up in the smoking area where hanelle apologises to Charlotte and they clear the air.

Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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