Love Island 2017: So what did Camilla Thurlow and Jamie Jewitt get up to in the hideaway?

Love Island spoiler

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It's the morning after the night in the hideaway before for Camilla Thurlow and Jamie Jewitt on Love Island 2017 tonight.

In the Beach Hut, Camilla reflects on her romantic evening: “We had a really nice chat and a little cuddle, more than one cuddle would be the better way of describing it. The perfect end to a perfect birthday. It was lovely, so nice I can’t stop smiling, I can’t… I definitely haven’t kept it cool but I’m not cool so that’s fine.”


In the Beach Hut, Jamie says: “We had a really good night. I was quite surprised to see how Camilla really came out of her shell last night. It feels like a lot has changed, it really does.”

They enjoy some time on the Hideaway Terrace and hatch a plan to prank the other Islanders by pretending they went 'all the way'.

Love Island:  Camilla and Jamie hatch a plan.
Love Island: Camilla and Jamie hatch a plan.

Camilla and Jamie return to the villa and are greeted by all of the Islanders. Jamie and the boys debrief in the garden while the girls are gathered around Camilla for all of the juicy details.

“Did you s**g? Blink once if you did,” Montana asks right away.

Camilla blinks. The girls shriek with excitement. Meanwhile, Jamie has told the boys the ‘fake news’ too and they are in shock.

Later in the day, Jamie admits to Alex that he and Camilla were playing a prank: “We had a wicked night,” he says, “I’d say the best thing about the whole thing was just, it started out like we always do, we sat there and had this really deep chat, I told her a lot about me and then it started getting giggly and playful.”

Camilla is talking to Marcel: “Turns out 28 is a very good year for me,” she smiles.

Love Island: Marcel shocked at Camilla and Jamie prank.
Love Island: Marcel shocked at Camilla and Jamie prank.

Marcel replies: “I can’t believe how well suited you two actually are, I can’t believe how amazing it is that you lot have the same mind, you read the same books.”


Marcel is chuffed for Camilla. In the Beach Hut, he says: “Cam has been a totally different girl with Jamie… When Jamie came in, the connections were there. They were talking about books, they were talking about politics. I think those things subtly turn Camilla on,” he jokes.

Find out all when Love Island 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV.

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