Big Brother 2017: Ellie Young and Chanelle McCleary share a kiss

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Ellie Young and Chanelle McCleary have got closer than ever on Big Brother 2017.

Yesterday evening following the nightly booze delivery, the couple shared a cheeky kiss on the sofas.


Apparently missing her boyfriend, Chanelle went on to get handsy with Isabelle.

"Watch this, pretend I'm a guy," Chanelle told Ellie.

She then went over to Isabelle and started kissing her neck.

"You look really beauty tonight," Chanelle told Isabelle, who really wasn't having any of it as she got up and ran away laughing.

The flirting between the girls follows things getting saucy between the guys over the weekend in a game of truth or dare.


Chanelle ended up daring Sam Chaloner and Kieran Lee to kiss one another.

Chanelle said to Sam, who previously appeared on the show for a task before entering the house: "I remember in our quiz task, we asked if you'd kiss a guy and you were very indecisive but in the end you sad you'd do it for a laugh."

"So let's have a laugh!" declared Sue Evans.

Sam insisted: "It doesn't bother me."

After a group chat over who Sam should kiss, Chanelle invited him to give Kieran a snog "with tongue!"

But both Sam and Kieran were quick to insist that would NOT be happening.

Chanelle complained: "Girls do tongues! That's not fair."

Sam told her: "I'll kiss but I'm not snogging."

Chanelle snapped: "I'm not having you just giving a peck, girls do tongues so no."


Eventually after much encouragement, Kieran and Sam did pucker up... slightly.

Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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