Big Brother 2017 spoilers: Day 36 recap and highlights

What happened on Big Brother last night?

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Here's your spoiler filled recap of tonight's Big Brother 2017 highlights.

In this evening's episode it's Day 36 and it’s the second day of this week’s shopping task, housemates must continue to try and keep the light bulb in the living area powered up by resisting temptations and dancing on the dance floor when music is played into the house


In the bathroom, Chanelle tells Raph; “Nothing is going to get me down today! It’s hard in this house, you just don’t know who is there for you…”

Deborah is next to face her temptation. A teary Deborah accepts her temptation which is a video from her daughter

Ellie is next to face her temptation which is a visit from her mum, she advises her daughter to; “Stop kissing, stop smoking and stop swearing!”


Kieran is next to face his temptation, which is a visit from his mum, he accepts. She tells him; “Keep doing what you’re doing!”

Charlotte is crying in the diary room; “Because the bulb is about to go out I’m worried I won’t see any of mine…I think people who have only been here for a couple of weeks should sacrifice there’s. I’ll be fuming if I don’t hear from my family or friends! Sue says she’s not bothered, she’s been here for 10 days so whatever.”

On the sofas, Sue and Simone are talking, Sue says; “This house despises us.” Simone comments; “They tolerate us…”


Andrew is next to face his temptation, which is a letter from his family. He tearfully resists his temptation. Housemates comment that he’s ‘generous’

In the diary room, Isabelle is talking to Big Brother about the task; “I do want to get something but it may make me want to go home. I’m already feeling like sh*t, I don’t fit in one bit.”

Sue comments on Andrew resisting his temptation; “He done it for an incredibly selfless reason. I feel bad for him, he’s the only one who went without.”

Sue is next to face temptation, which is a visit from her dog

Ellie and Charlotte comment that if they were Sue, they wouldn’t have accepted the temptation

Charlotte and Isabelle are both called to the task room to face their temptations. As the bulb is low, there is not enough light for both of them to accept their temptations and therefore they have to choose which one of them will spend time with their temptation

Sue tells Big Brother she has no regrets about seeing her dog; “My baby saw her mama!”

In the kitchen, Charlotte confronts Chanelle about talking behind her back – SEE CLIP

Big Brother gathers housemates on the sofas to reveal that they did not pass this week’s shopping task and therefore will not receive a luxury shopping budget


Tom and Kieran hide cans of drink in their bedroom, Raph notices this and confronts Kieran; “I saw you take it! It should be here for everyone.” Kieran admits this and tells Raph to go and get the drink that he hid. Kieran offers his hand for Raph to shake however he declines

On the sofas, Simone reveals to the house that she was the one who previously hid the bottles in Kieran’s bed. Hannah tells her; “I can’t believe you no more, you’ve broken my trust!” Simone adds; “I’ve told the truth, I’ve had the balls to tell you! Now nothing in this house is a lie.”


In the smoking area, Chanelle apologises to Charlotte and they clear the air

Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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