Big Brother 2017 news! Nomination twist, a backdoor eviction and Chanelle's epiphany

Latest Big Brother 2017 news

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Here are all of the latest news headlines from Big Brother 2017 over the past 24 hours.

The biggest story of the past day is a brand new nominations twist. This week the usual nominations in the Diary Room have been dropped and instead, housemates will take on 'The Hunt' as they compete to avoid the axe.


Over the next few days the housemates will take part in a series of games and the losers of the games will face possible eviction.

The nominations twist will lead to a double eviction twist that will see two housemates out by the end of Friday night's show.


It was revealed yesterday that one shock eviction will happen via the backdoor in the house on THURSDAY, with the result to be revealed in Friday night's show alongside a second, live eviction which will see Emma enter the house. Both evicted housemates will then be interviewed live by Emma.

As for what happened in the Big Brother house itself yesterday, the temptations shopping task continued.

Deborah was one of the latest to try and be tempted with a video message from her kids, which she accepted.


Ellie was given the chance to spend time with her mum, which she accepted.

Andrew was then offered a letter from his friends and family, including his nan, but he refused the temptation.

The results of the shopping task will be revealed later today.

Meanwhile, following on from their row the night before, Chanelle has concluded why Sue is the way she is with the help of some of the other girls in the house.

Chanelle and Nana.
Chanelle and Nana.

Hannah called a house meeting to slam her fellow housemates for the mess after she went on a strike and stopped cooking and cleaning for them.


And finally, Simone lost the plot leaving the other housemates far from amused.

Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5 with this evening's episode at 10PM.

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