Big Brother 2017: Simone Reed has lost the plot

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Simone Reed had a bit of a breakdown in the Big Brother 2017 house tonight.

As the housemates enjoyed the sun in the garden, Simone found it hard to pass the time.


"We're not allowed to sing, we're not allowed to throw things, play football. We're not allowed to talk about hardly nothing. What the hell are we meant to do?" she complained.

"What are we meant to do? Look like clowns all day, trying to make each other laugh. It's stupid isn't it." Simone said before putting on a 'performance' in the garden.

The other housemates didn't seem amused but Simone went on.

She continued: "There's nowt to eat, nowt to play with with, there's nowt to do. We're like little ants scuttling round our cottage for rations."

Simone then demonstrated her 'ant in the Big Brother house' impression to try and get a laugh off the housemates.

Instead, she was only given a series of very awkward looks.

Simone's antics follow her making up with the group following a weekend of rows.

In the smoking area, Simone announced to Chanelle and Andrew in last night's show: “A problem shared is a problem solved, I’m sorry for anything I’ve done and said and I just want to be friends.”


Andrew and Chanelle hugged Simone and later Simone also came clean and admitted to Sue that she put the bottles in Kieran’s bed.

Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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