Big Brother 2017: Chanelle McCleary thinks she knows what Sue Evans's problem is

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Chanelle McCleary has shared her views on why Hurricane Sue is the way she is on Big Brother 2017.

In tonight's highlights show, Channelle was reduced to tears after overhearing Sue talking about her.


She was telling Raph about Chanelle: “She’s got a lot of hang-ups about image. She hates people judging her but she does enhancements…I think that Chanelle has judging in her brain all day long…

"It’s safe for her to have relationships with men but her paranoia about judgement is making her have very shallow relationships with women.”

Chanelle listened on and then confronted the pair: “Sue you don’t know me to have those opinions. All you do is sit round and b***h about people. How dare you!”

In the house today, Chanelle sat around and bitched about people.

"I'm sick of hearing her opinions, I just think she's nasty, I just think they're unnecessary and I don't like the woman," Chanelle said.


She declared: "She needs a good shag that's the conclusion I've come to."

Charlotte piped up: "I wonder how frequently she masturbates?"

"Not enough," suggested Chanelle.

"Never, Sue does not masturbate," said Ellie who apparently is the go-to expert on such matters.

Chanelle then continued: "Everybody's going to have opinions but I don't see how sharing her opinion is benefiting anyone what is it bringing.

"You might have an opinion, you don't have to force it on other people. going around to my friends having conversations about me.


"If she starts today having conversations about me, I'm just going to go 'WAHHHH!'"

Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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