Big Brother 2017: Tom Barber speaks to his girlfriend in new task

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Tom Barber has had a chat with his girlfriend in a new Big Brother 2017 task.

In the house yesterday, Big Brother gathered the group for an announcement: "Individually, housemates will be called to The Light," Big Brother said.


"In here a temptation specifically tailored to each of you will be briefly illuminated.

"Housemates must then make a difficult decision either to take the temptation for themselves and risk losing the shopping budget or to walk away from The Light for the good of the House."

In a new clip from the task, Tom enters 'The Light' where he is tempted with a phone call from his girlfriend Paris.

"If you wish to spend time with your temptation you should alert Big Brother by pulling the cord above you," Big Brother instructed.

It took Tom just seconds to pull the chord, allowing him to enjoy a VERY brief chat with his partner.


"You're doing really well," she told him.

Tom said: "I've debated walking."

"Don't be stupid," said Paris.

Paris is the sister of former BBUK housemate Lateysha Grace who claimed that she had in fact DUMPED Tom recently.

"Tom is an absolute d**khead, I really don't like him. He needs to have more respect for women as well. He's gone in there with my sister but I see him getting in showers with girls, flirting with girls and it's uncomfortable to watch," Lateysha told MTV news.

She added: "At the moment I think he's single, he doesn't know yet. My sister's just shocked, she's just watching it and seeing a different person. I feel like he's trying to be somebody he's not."

Meanwhile, other temptations in the new shopping task will include Chanelle's nan, Tom's girlfriend and a letter from Simone's children.


If enough of the housemates can resist the temptation, they'll pass the shopping task and win a luxury budget.

Big Brother airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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