Big Brother 2017: Chanelle McCleary erupts at Sue Evans after overhearing her 'bitching'

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Chanelle McCleary and Sue Evans argue on Big Brother 2017 tonight as the house kicks off again.

The pair come to blows after Chanelle overhears Sue talking about her to Raphael Korine in the living area.


From the bedroom, Chanelle hides behind a door and listens in.

Sue says of Chanelle: "She's got a lot of hang ups about image, she's like 'Oh I hate people judging me but she does enhancements. My take is you enhance so people can look at you.

"She is very hung up about how people see her yet she can be seen from all angles because of enhancements. I think Chanelle has judging in her brain all day long. "

Sue continued to analyse: "She's paranoid and it's stopping her having real relationships with women. Not men, it's very safe for her to have relationships with men. I think the judging and paranoia about judgement is making her have very shallow relationships with women."

Chanelle then burst into the room and snapped: "Sue you don't know me to have them opinions."


Sue insisted: "It's just an opinion, it's my opinion."

Chanelle raged: "All you do is sit around, bitching about people."

"I'm not bitching, I'm sitting having a conversation about your best mate," Sue replied.

"Don't sit there judging me, you don't know me," Chanelle hit back.

"See what I mean?" Sue then told Raph, "Judging, judging, judging it's her favourite word."

Chanelle then stormed back into the bedroom ranting: "She's rude! I can't stand the woman.


"I knew she was talking about me, it's all she f**king does."

Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5. The latest episode airs at 10PM tonight.

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