Big Brother 2017: Raph sacrifices shopping for a video message from home

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Raphael Korine became the first housemate to face this week's Big Brother shopping task.

In the house yesterday, Big Brother gathered the group for an announcement.


"This is Big Brother," the voice announced, "Individually, housemates will be called to The Light.

"In here a temptation specifically tailored to each of you will be briefly illuminated.

"Housemates must then make a difficult decision either to take the temptation for themselves and risk losing the shopping budget or to walk away from The Light for the good of the House."

Ellie reacted: "That's hard."

In a first clip from the task, Raph enters 'The Light' where he is tempted with a video message from home.


"If you wish to spend time with your temptation you should alert Big Brother by pulling the cord above you," Big Brother explained.

It took Raph just seconds to pull the chord, allowing him to watch a video clip from his friends and family back in America.

Other temptations in the task will include Chanelle's nan, Tom's girlfriend and a letter from Simone's children.

If enough of the housemates can resist the temptation, they'll pass the shopping task and win a luxury budget.


Otherwise, it's a week on basic rations.

The first highlights from the challenge will air in Big Brother 2017's Monday night show at 10PM on Channel 5.

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