Love Island producers cut out the sex to keep the show classy(ish)

Alex and Montana kiss in bed

Love Island 2017 producers have been cutting out sex scenes from the show.

According to reports, a number of the couples have been 'constantly romping' all over the villa in moments cut from the nightly episodes.


The Sun newspaper reports that Kem and Amber have been intimate 12 times while Jess and Dom got it on eight times before they were split up.

The tabloid suggests that the decision to cut back on sex scenes - which last year saw TV watchdog Ofcom launch a probe into the show - has been made to keep series less trashy.

Love Island: Kem and Amber in bed.
Love Island's Kem and Amber in bed.

"Some couples can’t stop having sex and are going at it almost every night," a source explained, “Producers are being ultra-careful not to let sex become the focus of the show so have refrained from airing saucy scenes.

“Countless sex sessions have been left on the cutting room floor over fears they could be seen to be sensationalising sex if it’s on every night.”

A spokesperson for the show said: “The show isn’t about sex, it’s about following the couples’ journeys.

"We only show moments of intimacy when we feel it is important to a couple’s story.”

Meanwhile, the Daily Star newspaper has claimed that some couples are using the show's phones to send and receive X-rated photos.

Love Island 2017: Montana and Alex bed.
Love Island 2017: Montana and Alex in bed.

"It’s given the show a whole new twist," the source spilled. “The phones are meant to be there for the producers to text the islanders with messages about tasks, dates and re-couplings.


“But the contestants are treating them like their own personal phones back at home. Some of the gang have taken some very naughty photos of themselves and sent them to their other halves.

Love Island 2017 airs nightly on ITV2.

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