Big Brother 2017: Kieran Lee and Deborah Agboola flirt up a storm

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Kieran Lee and Deborah Agboola were flirting up a storm in the Big Brother house today.

And the other housemates couldn't help but get involved, as Deborah continued to insist there was nothing between her and Kieran.


"Am I going to be page boy?" joked Tom Barber about Kieran and Deborah's potential wedding.

As the couple flirted in the kitchen, Kieran told Deborah: "Your mum's going to love me.

"Don't forget you called me handsome!"

He then asked Chanelle: "Do you think me and Deb would make a great couple?"

Deborah concluded: "It's not going to happen today!"


Raph quipped: "But tomorrow!"

Deborah previously insisted that Keiran wasn't her type on paper despite finding him attractive.

She explained: "This Kieran theory needs to stop, Kieran is not actually my type, and that's what's scary.

"He's very handsome, he has good personality but he's not my type."

Asked what her type was on paper, Love Island style, Deborah told some of the other housemates: "I don't have a preference in race or anything, I like someone a bit street smart, you have to be smart to stay level, I like them type of conversations.

"I like them a bit tall," Deborah continued. "I've always liked my men a bit older but I think I can settle for my age if he has a mentality that's old enough."


Meanwhile, Kieran has revealed Deborah was the housemate he was most attracted to in a recent task.

Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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