Big Brother 2017 spoilers: Day 35 recap and highlights

What happened on Big Brother last night?

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Here's your spoiler-filled Big Brother 2017 highlights from tonight's show.

In this evening's episode, it's Day 35 and housemates are starting a brand new shopping task.


Last night, Sam shared a bed with Ellie for the first time in Thorn Cottage bedroom

This week’s shopping task: If the housemates can keep the large lightbulb in the living area powered up they will win a luxury shopping task. However it won’t be easy; housemates will be tempted by contact from friends & family and if they give in to their temptations, then the large lightbulb will lose power.

Housemates will be able to boost the power to the light bulb if they can light up the dance floor in the garden, whenever music is played into the house

In the bathroom, Andrew and Charlotte are talking about how they think Simone is phoney, Charlotte states: “I want to know where she gets all her money from as she makes out she’s minted but she doesn’t have a job…” Andrew says she gets money from modelling


As part of the shopping task, Chanelle is faced with her temptation; her nana is waiting to speak to her. Chanelle accepts her temptation and the brightness of the light bulb decrease loses powers.

A teary Chanelle asks her nana; “I miss everyone…how’s Jake? Has he dumped me? Does he still want to me with me?” Her nana replies; “He’s been lovely and loves you to death!” She tells Chanelle; “I don’t like that peeing in the hot tub!”


Raph is next to be tempted by a video from his sister.

In the smoking area, Sue and Simone are talking about arguments in the house, Sue states; “I’ve had one kick off in here and you won’t see another one…you nearly had one, but you didn’t, well done to you. I had one and I never meant it…”

In the garden, Chanelle tells Andrew, Raph and Isabelle; “I just think we have to wake up each day, just have fun and love life in here! I don’t want to sit round and complain…”

Tom is next to be tempted by a phone call from his girlfriend

Hannah is next to be tempted by a visit from her sister Mary, she accepts. Mary tells her; “Mum is so proud! Listen to Deborah…tell her let Kieran into her life and let her guard down! He’s a lovely dude!”

A tearful Hannah tells Deborah what her sister Mary said; “She says mum loves us…she says Kieran is a good guy and mum is happy with it!”

Hannah continues and tells Kieran; “My mum says she’s accepted you and ready for the big Nigerian wedding!”

Music is played into the house. Housemates rush to the dance floor in the garden and dance away


Simone is next to be tempted by a letter from her children; she accepts the temptation. She reads tearfully; “Have an amazing time, miss you and love you more than other! Good luck!” She states she misses her children ‘so much’ and feels that she ‘must be doing well’ if her kids say so

In the smoking area, Simone announces to Chanelle and Andrew; “A problem shared is a problem solved, I’m sorry for anything I’ve done and said and I just want to be friends.” Andrew and Chanelle hug Simone

Simone admits to Sue that she put the bottles in Kieran’s bed

On the sofas, Sue is talking to Raph about Chanelle; “She’s got a lot of hang-ups about image. She hates people judging her but she does enhancements…I think that Chanelle has judging in her brain all day long…it’s safe for her to have relationships with men but her paranoia about judgement is making her have very shallow relationships with women.”

Chanelle listens on and says; “Sue you don’t know me to have those opinions. All you do is sit round and b*tch about people. How dare you!” Chanelle gets upset


In the bedroom, Hannah tries to comfort Chanelle; “Don’t get worked up on sh*t if you can’t change people’s opinions. Address her or let it go.” Hannah then walks out of the bedroom

In the bedroom, Isabelle is trying to comfort a teary Chanelle

In the smoking area, Sue reveals ‘it’s been the best day ever in here’


Sue enters the bedroom and Chanelle leaves for the bathroom crying. Raph follows her, she comments; “She isn’t for me…”

Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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