New Love Island couples go on a brunch dates with awkward results

Love Island 2017: Chris Olivia brunch date.

The new couples on Love Island 2017 get to 'enjoy' a brunch date on tonight's show.

But following the recoupling, where the new Islanders got first choice of who partner with, not everyone is happy with their couples.


And even the original pairings are facing some challenges.

It begins this evening when Amber gets a text: “Islanders, today you will be treated to a romantic brunch in your couples. Please go and get ready #Justthetwoofus”

Love Island 2017: Kem Georgia brunch.
Love Island 2017: Kem Georgia brunch.

All of the couples settle down for their brunch dates in the garden.

Georgia and Kem talk about them being coupled up: “Had everyone met single, I think our personalities would have got on well. We’ve got the same sort of banter but obviously you’ve got a girlfriend now…

"I don’t know why we can’t all just get along, it’s not like I’m in love with you, I had to pick someone… You looked like you were sitting next to an atomic bomb.”

Meanwhile, new couple Theo and Tyla are talking about how things might go for them if she and Jonny don’t work out.


“I’m dubious about you,” she tells him, “I’m dubious about whether you’re real or loyal, the angel is here and the devil is just behind it,” she says gesturing at his head.

Chris and Olivia are using their date as an opportunity to talk about their relationship as Olivia admits: “I feel in general that you don’t like that I’m loud, the way that I speak, the way that I dress, that’s how I feel Chris."

“I’m telling you, if that is the way I make you feel, if you feel like it’s me who is dragging you back or holding you back or if you feel like you’re acting differently around me then you can’t be with me,” Chris tells her.

Love Island 2017:  Islanders brunch date.
Love Island 2017: Islanders brunch date.

He adds: “You need to do it for yourself. As much as that hurts. I want you to be happy and if you’re telling me that when you’re around me, you can’t be you then that is rubbish.”


Olivia then leaves the date and walks into the villa.

Love Island 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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