Big Brother 2017: A VERY drunk Simone Reed makes everyone uncomfortable

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Simone Reed got VERY drunk in the Big Brother house last night and made things very uncomfortable.

While Big Brother's nightly booze delivery led to fun and games in truth or dare earlier, it seems the mood quickly turned sour.


In a clip posted to the official Big Brother YouTube website, Simone is seen sat on the sofas slurring her words.

She then starts on Andrew: "Do you know what Andrew, have you got a problem with me mate? Seriously."

Andrew responds: "I don't hate you but after all the things the past couple of days I am very unsure of you."

Simone splutters: "Whatever, oh I can't even get my words out..."

Andrew comments: "You are making me extremely uncomfortable."


Simone replies: "Really though? F**king hell."

She then continues as Hannah and Charlotte watch on: "I do think you cant stand the bones off me, I'll tell you the truth to your face mate the only thing that gets on my nerves is that irritating laugh, nothing else at all."

Reacting to the clip on YouTube, one Big Brother fan commented: "Now this is cringe but I love it!!!"

Another claimed: "There's something legitimately wrong about her."


And on Twitter, one viewer concluded: "She's a mess"

Big Brother 2017 continues tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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