Big Brother 2017 housemates compete to be crowned BBUK Queen

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Some of the Big Brother 2017 housemates have been competing to be crowned BBUK Queen

Yesterday in the house, Big Brother gathered the group at the sofas to reveal all about the new challenge.


Big Brother announced: "Today, some of Big Brother's glamorous, strong and fierce females will compete for the title of BB Queen in Big Brother's very own pageant contest."

Competing were the same familiar faces, with Chanelle representing Manchester, Ellie her home town of Castleford and Deborah East London.

Meanwhile, on the judges desk were Hannah, Kieran and Sue.

Chanelle, Ellie and Deborah each had to take to a stage in the garden to perform in numerous rounds.

As well as showing off their runway walk, they had to demonstrate an impressive talent to the judges.

Chanelle performed a song with thrusting dance moves, Ellie showed off her ribbon twirling and Deborah showcased her wonderful way with words with a motivating speech.

Deborah told the group: "Today I haven't come with a physical talent, I came with my mouth which is a great talent.


"I don't believe in the word can't, I believe in the word you can and if you set your mind to believing you can do something you will do it."

The task and result will air in tonight's Big Brother 2017 highlights show from 9PM on Channel 5.

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