Big Brother 2017: Hannah Agboola has declared a strike in the house

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Hannah Agboola has declared a strike on Big Brother 2017.

In a chat with Big Brother in the Diary Room, Hannah says she is refusing to cook and clean up for her super messy housemates.


She told Big Brother: "I'm a germaphobe so I can't deal with mess, I just can't deal with it. Germs, I can't, I can't.

"So I'll clean to the extent that I went to the beauty parlour and cleaned the whole beauty parlour because I was thinking, how can I shower and come back to that? It doesn't make sense."

Later on, Hannah faced a huge mess in the kitchen after Isabelle and Andrew decided to trash it for no apparent reason other than boredom.

Hannah recalled: "I saw milk flying, I saw jam flying, I saw flour flying, I saw different things flying over the surfaces and it just hit me high rate. "

She continued: "This is not our home, this is Big Brother's home and we are supposed to treat this home with respect.

"Don't spoil my experience by having this s**t, nasty, dirty kitchen."

Explaining her "anxiety levels" went through the roof, Hannah lashed out at her fellow housemates for disrespecting the house and her hard work.


She concluded: "I spent so many hours in this kitchen, I said do you know what? I am on cooking strike, I am on cleaning strike."

Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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