Big Brother 2017: Sue Evans thinks Chanelle McCleary is "fake"

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Sue Evans has branded Chanelle McCleary "fake" on Big Brother 2017.

It follows last night's row in the latest highlights show between Chanelle and Sue.


The pair clashed with Chanelle accusing Simone of 'coming for her' while Simone claimed Chanelle had been 'spreading lies' about her.

In a showdown in the smoking area, Simone told Chanelle "You can shout at me if you want. Go for it, smack me in the face if you want, I'll take it."

Chanelle replied: "I wouldn't. I know you're trying to provoke me babe, but I wouldn't do that to you because I don't need to do that to you."

Later, Chanelle and Simone locked horns again amid accusations of bullying.

Chanelle told Simone: "I've never bullied you, you came for me. I'm so nice to everyone and you come for me and you don't know me."


Simone replied: "You don't understand me, I've been in worse situations."

"Don't start with someone and then play the victim," Chanelle hit back.

One particular bone of contention was whether or not Simone had planned a prank involving peeing in a cup.

Sue branded the idea "rotten and disgusting" but Simone insisted her comment had been taken out of context by Chanelle, who had told the other housemates about it.

The morning after, it seemed as though Sue had aligned herself firmly with Team Simone.

She advised Chanelle: "You don't have to try and pretend to be best buddies with her, and she's not going to pretend to be best buddies with you

"However she is going to attempt to create love, peace and harmony in the House. And do you know what it's not a bad thing, even if it's fake."

Simon replied: "To me, she's a child and I am not and I'm not gonna get on her level to make myself looks stupid. I can deal with the straight up but the mental, where going around making lies up about me and stuff to the whole house. Trying to turn the whole house to go against me."


Sue concluded: "She is not stupid, she knows it ain't working."

Big Brother continues tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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