Big Brother's Chanelle McCleary and Simone Reed row: 'Smack me if you want'

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Chanelle McCleary and Simone Reed locked horns in the Big Brother 2017 house last night.

Following the latest eviction, where Joe got the axe, things got very tense in the garden between Chanelle and Simone.


The pair clashed with Chanelle accusing Simone of 'coming for her' while Simone claimed Chanelle had been 'spreading lies' about her.

In a video uploaded to the official Big Brother YouTube account, Chanelle then accuses Simone of trying to patronize her.

Simone reacts: "I'm not patronizing you. If you want to shout at me, you know you can, I'll take it.

"You can shout at me if you want. Go for it, smack me in the face if you want, I'll take it."

Chanelle replied: "I wouldn't. I know you're trying to provoke me babe, but I wouldn't do that to you because I don't need to do that to you."


Charlotte then pipes up: "Well that escalated quickly."

Simone later spoke to Hurricane Sue about the argument.

Sue accused Chanelle of being "fake" as Simone told her: "To me, she's a child and I am not and I'm not gonna get on her level to make myself look stupid.

"I can deal with the straight up but the mental, where going around making lies up about me and stuff to the whole house.

"She's trying to turn the whole house to go against me."


Sue replied: "She is not stupid, she knows it ain't working."

Chanelle and Simone's clash will air on Channel 5 tonight in the latest highlights show from 9PM.

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