Love Island 2017 spoiler: Theo Campbell continues to cause drama

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Theo Campbell continues to shake up the Love Island 2017 villa in tonight's show.

Last night saw the newbie cause a stir after making a move on both Montana and Tyla, behind the backs of their current partners Alex and Jonny.


It led to a tense showdown between Jonny and Theo which all of the villa was witness to.

In tonight's Love Island, the Islanders are talking about the drama in the villa following Jonny’s fall out with Theo.


Tyla says that Theo told her that Montana said she would give Theo “a chance” if he was to recouple with her.

Jamie says: “Montana wouldn’t have said that, she’s too straight forward.”

In the Beach Hut, Theo says: “I thought Jonny was proper muggy to me, like coming over in a huff and puff… If you back yourself, just sit back and do whatever.”


Tyla tells Jonny how she told Theo she was happy with him and didn’t want Theo to pick her. Jonny calls him “snakey.”

In the Beach Hut, Montana says: “Theo has very much annoyed me tonight. I’m very happy in my couple. I’ve waited four and a half weeks for this boy and now he is here so I don’t want to irritate him in any way.

"It’s all popped off again because Theo has twisted my words and made it sound like if he picks me, then I’d be with Theo, which is not the case... Theo is not my type at all. I don’t have the energy to waste on that boy anymore, he has just stirred it.”

She then speaks to Theo: “When Alex hears that, it sounds as if I would bin him off if you were to pick me, which obviously it wasn’t like that. It wasn’t how it was at all and I just want to make sure that you aren’t giving other people the impression that if you picked me, I’d bin him off because that’s what it sounds like.”

The next day, Theo is catching up with Chris and Kem to see if he is really being “muggy.” Chris says he understands because he had to do the same thing when he came into the villa, and had to try and meet someone who was already coupled up.

Love Island: Montana
Love Island: Montana

Kem says: “If you come in here this late in, you’re always going to ruffle up a few feathers. As long as you just chat to everyone and you just keep on good terms with everyone but still do your thing, I’m sure you’ll be alright.”

Chris tells him: “You don’t know what’s coming round the corner so you have got to go for it.”


Theo says: “I just feel a little bit now like I want to try it even harder with Tyla because of that. The only thing is, personally I don’t see what she sees in Jonny. They seem a bit of a mismatch.”

Love Island 2017 continues tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

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