Big Brother 2017 news! Hurricane Sue continues, Tom is 'DUMPED' and eviction looms

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Here's your Friday morning update with all of the latest from Big Brother 2017 over the past 24 hours.

It was a dramatic highlights episode of Big Brother last night that saw a big bust up between Sue an the rest of the housemates, that ended with Tom breaking his way out of the house via the Diary Room.


Yesterday in the house, there was continuing tension in the wake of 'Hurricane Sue' as the divide in the house showed clearer than ever.

Tom was called to the Diary Room and punished for breaking out, sent to spend the day in jail.

Sam and Ellie.
Sam and Ellie.

However there is worse news for him on the outside with his girlfriend having reportedly DUMPED him with Tom none the wiser.

Away from the drama, Raph was put to the test as he was quizzed about his fellow housemates.

Big Brother called him to the Diary Room and revealed he had been voted for by the public as the housemate who knows their fellow housemates the best. Raph therefore had to answer questions that had previously been put to the other housemates, predicting correctly what they had answered.

Elsewhere in the house on Thursday, Deborah was teased again about her 'crush' on Kieran. She insisted: "He's very handsome, he has good personality but he's not my type."


Kieran, who it was revealed had said Deborah was the girl in the house he fancied the most in Raph's task, joked: "It's alright, you don't have to be ashamed of me."

Meanwhile, three housemates face eviction on Big Brother 2017 tonight and it could be another close result.

After a twisted round of nominations over the weekend, a trio of contestants are up for the axe this evening.


Charlotte Keys, Tom Barber and Joe Quaranta are facing the latest public vote and it's another vote to evict.

Bookies right now have Joe as the narrow favourite to go tonight ahead of Tom and even Charlotte isn't totally safe as viewers turn on the 'boring' housemate.


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Big Brother airs live tonight with host Emma Willis from 10PM.

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