Big Brother 2017 housemates erupt in another HUGE argument as 'Hurricane Sue' arrives

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Hurricane Sue Evans lives up to her name in tonight's Big Brother 2017 highlights.

The house erupts into another major argument with Sue at the centre of it.


Tensions in the house have been brewing for a few days and in tonight's episode they come to a head with explosive results.

Although it's not *quite* Fight Night standards this time.

It all begins when Sue angers some of the housemates by claiming they're playing a game.

Sue: "We are in the middle of a live, eight week game. The game means there is an end, eliminations, the game means someone is going to win. There is going to be a winner of the game and it started at launch night."

Tom snapped: "I don't give a f**k about the game. I've come in here for an experience."


Sue hit back: "But you are in a game. Why is everyone not talking the truth? Why can't you tell the truth?"

Ellie Young then got involved, telling Sue: "You're playing a game as much as anyone else!"

Tom then headed to the Diary Room to rant: "When someone comes in an is saying everyone's playing a game when they're not that upsets me. I've been in here since Day One, no one is playing a game, everyone is being themselves. If Susan thinks she knows the f**king score, she's wrong.

"Simple as that. I'm fine, I'm in the hot tub and having a laugh."


Back in the house, Sam and Sue then have an explosive clash after he tells her to go into the living area.


"Don't tell me where to go, don't tell me where to f**king go," rages Sue before taking aim at his "showmance s**t" with Ellie.

Big Brother airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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