Big Brother 2017: Deborah Agboola fancies Kieran Lee? She reveals her type on paper

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Big Brother's Deborah Agboola has revealed her type on paper amid rumours in the house she fancies Kieran Lee.

The housemates ave previously teased Deborah about her apparent crush on Kieran and that continued last night.


In a game of Snog, Marry and Avoid, Deborah told Ellie and Charlotte that she'd kiss Kieran prompting Ellie to react: "I bet you would!"

Deborah replied: "This Kieran theory needs to stop, Kieran is not actually my type, and that's what's scary.

"He's very handsome, he has good personality but he's not my type."

Asked what her type is on paper, Love Island style, Deborah explained: "I don't have a preference in race or anything, I like someone a bit street smart, you have to be smart to stay level, I like them type of conversations.

"I like them a bit tall," Deborah continued. "I've always liked my men a bit older but I think I can settle for my age if he has a mentality that's old enough."

Later on, the housemates continued to mess with Deborah over her flirtation with Kieran.

"Why does no one believe me?" Deborah asked after again denying there were feelings there.


Kieran, who it was revealed had said Deborah was the girl in the house he fancied the most in a task, joked: "It's alright, you don't have to be ashamed of me."

Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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