Love Island 2018: Six things that are BANNED from the villa

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Former Love Island contestants have been spilling the secrets of the villa.

The latest series of the hit ITV2 show is attracting millions of viewers nightly, but there’s a lot more to the show than we see on TV.

Past Islanders have been sharing all, such as a number of items which are strictly banned or restricted in the Love Island villa.

Branded clothes

A bit of a boring one: Islanders aren’t allowed to wear clothes with any identifiable brands, logos or slogans on. Last year’s Love Island contestant Katy McDermott told OK! magazine: “We weren’t allowed branded clothes in the villa, nothing with a brand even the smallest things.

“They do tell you beforehand, but even the tiniest things were taken away.”

Love Island: Kady
Love Island: Kady

Going make up free

According to former winner Cara De La Hoyde, not wearing make up is strongly discouraged. She told Glamour magazine: “I used to get told off by the producers. During the day, me and Olivia Buckland would walk around with no make up and our hair on top of our heads.

“They used to say ‘Cara, people are watching you on TV and they want to see glamorous, please put some make up on.’ But it was so hot it just melted off. Luckily we had Kady and Malin who were really good at doing make up. At the final they sent a glam squad to come in to help us look nice.”

The time

No watches or clocks allowed and even the time on the cooker and hot tub is covered up. Love Island 2016 contestant Kady said: “You’re in your own secluded world, you know nothing. You don’t even know what day is it.”


We’ve all seen the islanders with their phones but it turns out they have little to offer. The internet and all social media accounts are off limits. Kady explained: “They’re for selfies and to text, but everything else is blocked.”

Love Island 2017: Camilla and Jonny kiss in bed.
Love Island 2017 contestants kiss in bed.

Unprotected sex

There are hundreds of condoms in the villa but apparently some contestants haven’t used them in past series. Show bosses are said to have told the Islanders they risk being removed for failing to practice safe sex. “They’ve issued stars a stern warning – play safe or leave,” a source said. “The last thing the stars would want is to leave in disgrace, so they better safe than sorry.”

Cigarettes (sort of)

Given how much we’ve seen them smoking in past series, you make be surprised to learn that the Islanders are actually given strict limits on the amount of cigarettes they can have. They’re banned from going through more than 20 a day.

Love Island 2018 airs nightly on ITV2.

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