Big Brother's cringiest moment ever as Andrew tries to kiss Raphael

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Big Brother viewers have been reacting to Andrew Cruickshan trying to kiss Raphael Korine on last night's show.

The awkward situation began when Andrew gave Raph a hug.


Andrew then tried to kiss Raph on the head and neck but Raph pulled away and crouched on the floor, shouting “stop, stop.”

The incident saw the two then discuss issues of personal space and come to an understanding, ending in a hug.

When Andrew and Raph resolved the situation, Andrew said about his showing his feelings for Raph, "It is hard to not express how you feel".

About Raph, he added: "You're different, I do like different, I've always liked different"

Viewers found the whole scene hard to watch, with many suggesting it could possibly be Big Brother's cringiest moment ever.


"Yup. That was cringe to the power of 10. #BBUK," one viewer concluded.

Another added: "The Andrew/Raph scene is beyond cringe #bbuk"

A third commented: "#bbuk Andrew licking Raph!!! His reaction 😕😕 I felt so bad for him! Boundaries!!! Not everyone likes being touched!"

Others had stronger viewers, with one claiming: "Andrew has gone in there to try and get a showmance with raph #gameplayer #boringaf #bbuk"

And another BB fan suggested: "Andrew should get a warning. It was unwanted and Raph did look very uncomfortable."


"Andrew needs a strong warning, not cool at all!" agreed a second.

Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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