Big Brother 2017: Joe Quaranta locks horns with Sam Chaloner

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After making up with Raph, Joe Quaranta makes a new enemy on Big Brother 2017 tonight.

It begins when Sue, Chanelle, Raph, Hannah and Isabelle talk to Sam in Thorn Cottage about him feeling excluded from the boys group.


Sam then talks in the diary room about his frustrations with the original boy group of Kieran, Joe and Tom. He says “They’ve got too much pride with the original clique they’ve got, just let it go and have a laugh, and let people in.

"I think it’s pathetic really, they’re putting words in Ellie’s head”.

Sam tries to discuss his feelings with Tom in the living area but Tom denies that anyone has been talking about Sam behind his back.

Joe then gets involved and steps into the conversation and lectures Sam on how to act in the house.

Meanwhile, Charlotte talks in the diary room about Sam and says she doesn’t trust him as she believes he came into the show for fame.

Elsewhere on the show tonight, Hannah talks in Thorn Cottage to Isabelle about Ellie and the negativity she is feeling from her.

Hannah and Ellie talk in Thorn Cottage about Hannah’s feelings that she is becoming a scapegoat.


Ellie apologises for listening to the information she learnt in The Void about what the public think, and using it to influence her decision to nominate her.

Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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