Watch Big Brother 2017 contestants' unseen audition videos

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Big Brother has unveiled clips of this year's contestants' audition videos.

Unseen until now, the VTs show the then wannabe housemates doing their best to sell themselves to Big Brother


In the clips, Ellie says how she has no filter while Chanelle discusses her teenage boyfriend and his huge penis.

Tom brags about his business, Joe boasts about his glamorous lifestyle and Mandy and Charlotte argue about arguing.

Deborah and Hannah brand themselves 'Queens' in their VT and declare: "We are queens so we are not going to step down and be a servant or peasant."

Meanwhile, Raph spills all on his not-at-all-secret game plan: "I'm really good at turning people against each other without them knowing I'm the one dong it."

He adds: "I have a very friendly and cute face and use that to my advantage. My favourite thing in life is to crush the souls of the popular types."

BB fans have been reacting to the clips since they were posted to YouTube this afternoon.

"Raph is so different in what he says and in what he does. He acts like he is manipulative but I don't see that in the house" one wrote.

Another opined: "hard to believe Ellie is 23 years old, immaturity is unreal. And Kieran nothing but a wet fish, would rather watch paint dry!!!"


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Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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