Big Brother 2017: Sam Chaloner thinks there's a conspiracy against him

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Sam Chaloner isn't happy after being pied off by Ellie Young on Big Brother 2017.

And he reckons her decision was all down to other housemates conspiring against him.


Newbie Sam, who joined the house last week as a 'second chance housemate', recently struck up a budding romance in the house with Ellie.

But it ended nearly as quickly as it started last night with Ellie complaining about Sam spending too much time with fellow housemate Isabelle.

In a chat with Big Brother in the Diary Room, Sam accused a clique of Tom, Joe, Kieran and Charlotte of bitching behind his back and speaking to his face.

"They just chat s**t to be honest," he declared, "They've got too much pride in this original clique, let it go and have a laugh."

Sam continued: "I think they're putting words in Ellie's head. Me and Ellie wasn't serious, we were having a laugh, it's not a big thing.

"We're just kissing and last night Ellie was crying, she wouldn't tell me why and they kept having conversations about me, saying [to Ellie] 'Watch your back'.

"I don't understand that, I'm having a laugh, I've come in here to meet mates. If I want to kiss a girl, I'll kiss a girl. It's too serious, lighten up! We're in Big Brother."


Sam eventually concluded: "I do like everyone, there's just something that I don't trust."

Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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