Big Brother 2017: Tom Barber thinks he can take on 'Hurricane Sue'

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Big Brother 2017 housemate Tom Barber reckons he can outsmart Hurricane Sue.

New 'Second Chance Housemate' Sue entered the house last week and has made quite the impact in the house.


On Sunday she put Tom up for eviction and went in with er nomination, which was played back to the group.

It seems as though Tom's still not over what Sue had to say, complaining to Ellie in the bedroom yesterday: "She judged a book by its cover, she basically said she thought I'm a lad bouncing around the place but nah, she's got me all wrong."

Tom continued: "I love talking to her because I find people like Susan amusing. I could watch and talk to her all day because anything I say, she takes it really seriously and I find it amusing."

He concluded: "She thinks she's smarter than everybody in here but she's not. Trust me, I'm definitely sharper than Susan, which I find funny."

When Sue entered the house last Thursday, she declared: "I’m the big boss, the alpha female."

"Going into the house, as myself, is an experience of a lifetime and would be a dream come true for me," she added.

Sue is known for her straight talking attitude and strong opinions she describes herself as ‘tough and nuts'.


However as a second chance housemate, she can't win the competition and is instead competing for £15,000 of the main prize fund against fellow new entrants Sam, Andrew and Simone.

Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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