Big Brother 2017: Simone Reed shocks housemates with disgusting request

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Simone Reed shocked her fellow Big Brother 2017 housemates in the house today.

Yesterday, Housemates were gathered on the sofas for details of this week’s shopping task. Over the next few days, housemates will be facing their phobias and dealing with home truths in the 'survival room'.


In her challenge, Simone had to endure a non-stop work out and she worked up quite the sweat.

When she returned to the house in need of a wash, Simone was adamant about cleaning herself off... in the kitchen sink.

The other housemates weren't too impressed with the proposal, even more so when Simone discussed needing to 'rub her intimate parts'.

"You can't wash in the kitchen sink hun," Sue Evans was quick to say.

Simone replied: "I'm going to have to."


"You can't honey, it's not correct. It ain't right," Sue declared.

"I'll just get in the sink, it's not unhygienic," Simone insisted.

Charlotte backed Sue: "It is."

Sue continued: "People are putting dishes and forks in there."

Charlotte added: "The boys have just ran a bath of hot water," but Simone insisted it wasn't "deep enough".

She explained: "My m***e needs f**king cleaning and I've got to rub it like this, I've got to rub it."

Charlotte reacted: "You're going to be better off in the bath than the kitchen sink."


Sue added: "You can't rub your bits in the kitchen when we're cooking."

Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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