Love Island's Saturday show tonight is not just a repeat, FYI

Love Island shock

Love Island's latest Saturday show airs this evening but it's NOT just a repeat.

While the main show has been dealing with all the ongoing relationship drama, Saturday night's spin-off has been highlighting what happens in between.


And quite frankly, it's often hilarious.

The Saturday's Weekly Hot List episode recaps the week's action alongside extra scenes and out-takes that didn't make it into the nightly highlights shows.

In one such clip from a past episode, above Kem and Dom were seen dressed in the girls' sportswear performing a, err... unique synchronized dance routine in the villa's pool led by Montana Brown.

Give it a few more years and perhaps we could see them at the Olympics...

The funny outtake has been watched more than two million times online so far, having not been seen on the main show.


And it turns out that many Love Island fans have been left shocked at the revelation they've been missing out.

"Saturday shows aren't just a recap of the week! They show more stuff that we haven't yet seen!!! I've been missing out!" one fan reacted.

Another posted in response to Kem and Dom's video: "oh my god this cannot be happening... the Saturday show isn't just a recap it shows all this extra stuff 😳😳😳 I feel sick"

Looks like some people are set for a mass Love Island catch up!


You can watch Love Island's latest weekly hot list episode on tonight at 9PM on ITV2 and catch up on past episodes with the ITVHub.

The main show continues Sunday night at 9PM on ITV2 before the LIVE final on Monday.

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