Big Brother 2017: Chanelle McCleary reveals her sex line secrets

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Chanelle McCleary has spills her sex line secrets on Big Brother 2017.

The joint favourite to win has revealed one of her first jobs was pretty unique.


"I made loads of money off this one guy, just giving him abuse. I just slagged him," she revealed to the other housemates.

"Like a pay pig?" quizzed Isabelle.

Chanelle went on to explain how she got herself £300 for drinks from the man after giving him abuse over the phone.

A stunned Deborah reacted: "A man wanted you to insult him and pay you? Give me the number let me insult him proper!"

Big Brother 2017 continues tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.


Elsewhere on this evening's episode, there's relationship drama for Sam and Ellie after their recent kiss.

In the bedroom, Sam tells Ellie: “I feel like I’ve come in here and took someone’s position and it feels weird.”

Ellie replies: “I did care for Lotan, so many people have said I’m so much happier! I thought Lotan was the only person who could make me happy...”

Sam says: “I’m Sam. I’m coming in here to do my own thing and not replacing anyone.”

Ellie comforts Sam and he reveals: “I actually really do like you…” before the pair kiss again.


Meanwhile, in a new twist, Hannah, Raph, Ellie, Sue, Simone, Sam and Andrew nominate housemates for eviction. Their diary room nominations are played into the house after housemates are gathered on the sofas.

Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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