Big Brother 2017: Isabelle Warburton annoyed no one fancies her

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Isabelle Warburton has revealed her pain over not being fancied in the Big Brother 2017 house.

Apparently thinking she's on Love Island rather than Big Brother, Isabelle complained to new second chance housemate Andrew Cruickshanks last night that there was no one in the house to couple up with.


After being plied with yet more alcohol, Isabelle moaned: "Nobody fancies me and it p***es me off. Nobody fancies me."

Andrew then took her to the toilet for a private and cryptic chat.

"I think a certain someone did and they've said something and they have to stick to it," he said.

Isabelle replied: "Maybe but I dunno."

"But would you want anyone in here to fancy you to be fair?" then asked Andrew.


"No it's just annoying there aren't even any potentials," Isabelle replied. "After you've had a drink, you just want to snog somebody.

"I don't want to s**g anybody, I just want to snog somebody, is that too hard to ask?"

Andrew then continued: "I think someone did at the start before they committed to what they said. Are you following me?"

With Isabelle totally confused, Andrew cleared up his cryptic message: "I thought Sam fancied you, I genuinely thought that but then he's then had it off with Ellie."


Really though, does anyone care any more?

Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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