Big Brother 2017: Joe Quaranta NOT happy after being nominated for eviction

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Joe Quaranta is NOT happy after being nominated for eviction from Big Brother 2017.

Yesterday was nominations day in the Big Brother house but with a twist.


The new-ish Second Chance Housemates have had great power over the weekend as all four were able to nominate and all four were immune from the next public vote.

As for the original housemates, they had to win the right to nominate by taking part in Big Brother's tasks. Hannah, Deborah, Ellie and Raph all won the right to nominate.

They also got to spend time in the void along with the second chance housemates to discuss nominations before voting.

The nomination results were revealed last night, with Charlotte Keys, Tom Barber and Joe facing the chop.

In the fall out from the nomination results, Joe couldn't hide his anger - and to be honest he didn't even bother to try to.


"People want to play games or say or certain things... I won't say certain things, I'll just go in for the kill now because to me the game's just started now," he told Kieran in the smoking area last night.

Joe went on to take aim at Raphael Korin: "Raph from day one, he's too clever, he's playing everyone and I've just clocked it.


"He knows everything, he's scared of me and I know for a fact that's why he digs things out at me, to get my reaction to make him look... I've just clocked it."


Joe concluded: "I really really really really... if there's one person I don't give a f**k about in here it's that f**king person in there [Raph]."

All the nominations and fallout from the results air in tonight's highlights show at 10PM on Channel 5.

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